Personalised Mug (11oz)


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Create a personalised mug that’ll spark daily smiles. A printed mug is as easy to create as it is to enjoy. Simply upload a quality image and let us take care of the rest.

  • Premium Grade
  • Orca Coated
  • Brim Capacity: 360ml
  • Height: 95mm
  • Diameter: 81mm
  • Color: White

There is an automatic -10% discount when you add 10 mugs to, or -15% when you add 36+ mugs to cart.

Select placement of your image relative to mug handle. Please note that for full wrap around, your image must be a long rectangle with the maximum size of 9cm x 20cm (3.5″ x 8″).

For best results, please ensure that the image is of correct size and high quality (We can not edit or enhance the quality of your image). Maximum image size is 9cm height x 20cm width (3.5″x 8″). If your image its not proportionate, it will be cropped.

(max file size 32 MB)

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