Hello Ireland!

Steekaz is a small startup business in Dublin run by a family of Ukrainian war refugees.

We have arrived in Ireland in March 2022 after Russian tanks rolled over the border in to our home town of Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine. To cut the long story short – After the morning of 24th february’22 our lives will never be the same.
After a very long journey, and much to our relief, the people of Ireland have welcomed us with open arms and offered us an unprecedented amount of support. So, to all Irish people with their hearts full of kindness, we would like to say:

Thank You Ireland

But we did not come to Ireland because we were looking for better economic conditions or because we had nothing to eat in Ukraine. In fact, just before the war, we had bought a brand new apartment in a city with 1.5 million population, and were about to open a printing business. But all that wasn’t to be and is no longer, due to russian invasion. By making it to Ireland, We consider ourselves the lucky ones.
Because back in Ukraine we lived ordinary lives and were always busy doing something useful, we wanted to continue our dream of opening a printing business here in Ireland. One year on, and here we are – We have an office, workshop, equipment, materials and expertise to offer a variety of promotional products including Vehicle & Shopfront Graphics, Signs, Banners, Stickers, Posters, Apparel Branding, and many more.
But is very difficult for as at the moment, since we have invested all our life savings in to the business, and we could do with some more local knowledge and a few customers. We do not want anything for free, but are offering a quality service where we put the customer at the center of our business.
So we invite you to browse our products, and it will be our pleasure to manufacture them for you or your business.
Try us! You will be surprised how affordable we can be!
Best Wishes,
Steekaz Team

Photo: The center of our home town before the war.

Photo: The center of our home town after russian bombing.

Photo: Us in September at he start of school, before the war started.